Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's get caught up... part one

So, I was going to try and do this whole organized update with a separate section for each fun event I have done while I have been in Oregon and it just is not going to happen. So I am going to put one hue and quick update and then attempt to keep on top of it after that. Since I have been in Oregon I have done a bunch of really fun things. I absolutely love it here and even though there have been a few bumps in the road, this has been one of the greatest times in my life. I have learned so much in just the two months I have been here. School is great, I have 2 weeks left in this quarter ( I LOVE THE QUARTER SYSTEM! ). My first day in Oregon was one of my favorites. Jim was still here and we had the whole morning before his flight home so we decided to explore a little and found some awesome parks including my favorite park, Hendricks Park. Here are some pics of my first day in Eugene...

Me on a bridge over the Willamette River in Alton Baker ParkPhotobucket

Jim and I in Alton Baker Park Photobucket

A house we passed while exploring.. just screams Eugene. lolPhotobucket

Swings in Hendricks Park, held up by two trees!Photobucket

My favorite picture of Jim ever :)

Hendricks Park.. a little piece of Heaven.Photobucket

Goofing off on one of the trails in Hendricks Park.Photobucket

Also the picture on the heading of my blog was taken at Hendricks Park. We also went and explored a little at University of Oregon where I will be attending in the fall. It is a beautiful campus and I cant wait to be a Duck!

Since I have been here in Oregon I have had a lot of fun nights out with Debi's daughter and current roommate Danyelle, starting off on New Years, and often we head over to a very fun sports bar called The Cooler for dollar beer night on thursday nights. Danyelle and I also made a fun quick trip up to Ft. Lewis in Washington, near Tacoma, where we went to a welcome home from Iraq party for a friend and got to go on base which I had never done before. It was very interesting. On the way home from washington it snowed all the way from Tacoma to a little past Portland, so that was fun..I do love the snow after all. Here are some pictures from New Years and Washington.. and a few misc. pictures as well :)...

Ready to go out for New Years!

My new friend Rusty and I @ Rockin RodeoPhotobucket

Where we brought in the new year.. Rockin RodeoPhotobucket

Fort Lewis, WA

welcome home!!

Me and the boys just home from Iraq.. we were being to loud!Photobucket
Geoff and I... I ended up doing a paper on him for my writing class

Stopped on the way home for some pictures of the snow

Well it is getting pretty late so I think I will stop here for today. I will finish tomorrow :) Goodnight!!!

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