Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Cains

As the tradition goes; the Cain, Need, Hughes, and Vanluwen families go to the Cain household for Christmas Eve for tamales, gifts and fun. Usually some of us see each other twice a year (buena vista and christmas). We have been getting together Christmas Eve for over 15 years now maybe longer. This year Maxine and Paul came and brought Max's daughter and grandaughter. Ryan brought his girlfriend and my close friend Amy all the way from Sacramento, and Jeff brought his girlfriend Beth, then of course there was me, Brett, Sarah, Derek, Samantha and all the parents.We ate the typical Christmas Eve dinner of Tamales and then Sarah and I got addicted to Guitar Hero on Wii. We all exchanged gifts and chatted up a storm. I got to say my goodbyes to everyone which was nice, Plus seeing Ryan and Amy is always fun! Then I had to rush home and go to sleep so Santa could come :).

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KurtandKellie said...

Hey, sorry, I haven't forgotten about sending the pictures, the computer they're on often doesn't work, so I will send them asap. Hope you're settling in well in Oregon. =)