Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A visitor from Atlanta..

Finally after a long 3 1/2 years of not seeing my dear friend/ family member Jessie from Atlanta ( our mommy's have been friends since 3rd grade!!) , she came to visit! Unfortunately I only got to see her for two days because of Christmas and the big move of mine that I would be making in a few days but we had fun none the less. The first night I picked her up and grabbed a drink at Fridays really quick and the next day she was such a tired girl from all her hard work at home and travels that she slept the whole day haha!! But then we got all dolled up and headed to my favorite bar Howl at the Moon. I was glad I got to go one more time before I left. It turned out to be a "you sing it night" which is basically Karaoke, and though I did NOT sing, I was very tempted when some girls started butchering Hotel California, how dare they!! :) It was great to see Jessie and I hope it is not another 3 years before she comes to visit or even I go to Atlanta (seeing how it has been since 1994 for me lol).

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