Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Cuthbert...


The Cuthbert is a really awesome ampitheatre near the edge of Alton Baker Park and walking distance from my apartment. For those of you in California it is very much like the Greek Theater. The best part about the Cuthbert is right outside of it. It is placed right on a little stem off of the Willamette river with grass and trees. Tons of people just bring picnics and boats and hang out right out side the show for free and still get to enjoy the awesome music. I got to go last sunday with A friend of the Darcy family Matt and all the kids from when I lived with Debi. It was such a fun time just hanging out at the river and listening to Santigold, which I really enjoyed. Matt had brought a little blow up kiyak and took me down the river a bit. I loved the atmosphere.. it reminded me of a Greatful Dead concert from when I was little. It is times like these that I am so glad I moved to Eugene. This sunday Ziggy Marley and 311 are playing and I plan to be there!



Its hard to see in the pics but the person in the middle of the red boat is dressed like a really funny looking wizard.. like a disney character.. the kids were going crazy over him haha. Fun Sunday for sure!! After this we went back to the Darcy house (my previous residence) and sat around a campfire in the back yard.. I love the weekends!

The cat and the frog..

Here is some Hilarious video of Harlie trying oh so hard to get into the fish tank to get to the frog. She literally does this every day and does not seem to understand why she can not just get the frog! The video gets better near the end.. good stuff!! Oh and the frog is pretty cute to :)

Sun, Wine, and.... Homework?!

I have no complaints about the weather in Eugene. Spring has been an amazing season... yes we have seasons here in Oregon! Something I am not quite used to growing up in Southern California. So why would I be kept inside by homework?? Shana and I decided to pour ourselves a glass of wine, sit out in our little front yard and study in the sun. Harlie also joined us outside on her harness and leash.. she is such a scaredy cat but very curious at the same time. It is pretty entertaining.