Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Roomate! Introducing... Shana!

So I moved into my new apartment and I LOVE it... and I love my new roomie as well! Her name is Shana, 21 from none other than Simi Valley. She is introducing me to the vegan lifestyle. I love trying the new foods but I think it will be hard to give up my meats and dairy so for now I have just added vegan foods to my diet. Today we went for a long walk along the amazing bike and walking paths just across the street from our place... these paths go from along the beautiful river to the forest to these great fields with wild flowers... and it is all just steps from our apartment. Shana also has a cat named Noodle... Harlie and Noodle are working on being friends but Harlie likes to play (pounce) and Noodle is a big scardey cat lol. Anyways life is good in apartment 115 as we all make this place home :).

Here is a pic of the bike path and the running path right next to it..

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